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Pravidel (Bromocriptine)

Elevated levels of PRL, resistant to Pravidel and cabergoline, rapidly returned to normal after hysterectomy, which obviously indicates that hyperprolactinemia was associated with the myoma of the uterus. Other amino acid alkaloids, Pravidel and dihydroergotamine, also augmented glutamate uptake, whereas amine alkaloids, ergonovine or lisuride did not influence glutamate uptake.

Other names for this medication:
Bromocriptine, Parlodel, Brameston, Bromed, Bromergon, Bromocriptina, Bromodel, Cripsa, Criten, Cycloset, Deparo, Ergoset, Gynodel, Kirim, Kripton, Kriptonal, Melen, Pravidel,

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Pravidel belongs to the group of medicines known as ergot alkaloids. Pravidel blocks the release of a hormone called prolactin from the pituitary gland. Prolactin affects the menstrual cycle and milk production.

Pravidel is used to treat certain menstrual problems (eg, amenorrhea) in women and stops milk production in some men and women who have abnormal milk leakage. It is also used to treat infertility in both men and women that occurs because the body is making too much prolactin.

Pravidel is also used to treat acromegaly (overproduction of growth hormone) and pituitary prolactinomas (tumors of the pituitary gland).

Pravidel is also used to treat the signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease, often in combination with levodopa.

Pravidel is also used together with proper diet and exercise to lower blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription.

This product is available in the following dosage forms:

  • Tablet
  • Capsule

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It is concluded that cAMP and protein kinase A mediated phosphorylation play a crucial role in adrenergically initiated calcium signalling in brown preadipocytes. Our observations on the evolution of the final CNS phenotype, in combination with the temporo-spatial pattern of appearance of DER in the ventral neuroepithelium, suggest that this receptor participates in the second phase of neuron-glia interactions, namely in stabilization of the ladder-like CNS scaffolding formed by outgrowth of pioneer axonal processes along the glial pre-pattern. Patients with lower-extremity fractures need more PT to achieve independent ambulation. The major pathways for caffeine including interaction with adenosine receptors have been identified but caffeine has several minor pathways as well that remain poorly understood including the cholinergic system. Comparison of cytokine levels in bilateral ear effusions in patients with otitis media secretoria.

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Synthesis, characterization, electrochemistry, electronic structure, and isomerization of mononuclear oxo-molybdenum(V) complexes: the serine gate hypothesis in the function of DMSO reductases. We investigated the effects of socio-demographic, treatment- and tumor-specific determinants on the risk of developing a second malignancy among patients treated for cervical cancer. Treatment of mice with EAE using ML-7, an inhibitor of the myosin light chain kinase, resulted in less BBB disruption at the spinal cord and less infiltration of lymphocytes via the BBB and subsequently reduced the clinical characteristics of EAE. Laparoscopic inguinal herniorrhaphy in children: a three-center experience with 933 repairs. Inability to reduce such a fracture should suggest possible entrapped soft tissue and/or tendons best approached by open reduction through a dorsal incision.

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The protective effects of N-n-butyl haloperidol iodide on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats by inhibiting Egr-1 overexpression. The data suggests that nutritional standardization for sea urchins in ecotoxicological laboratories needs to be addressed and further investigated. The metal promiscuity of this enzyme (in contrast to other members of the same superfamily) can be accounted for by the presence of a conserved Asp residue acting as a second-shell ligand that is expected to increase the hardness of the metal binding site, therefore favoring iron uptake in glyoxalases II. Comparison of the features of the images obtained indicated that the procedures developed were competitive with the procedures earlier suggested. By Day 5 the rats preferentially went directly to that location, spent the majority of their time at that location, made rapid direct trips to that location when returning from an excursion and so demonstrated that the location was a home base.

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The conceptual model combined with the CART analysis is a decision support tool that could provide an important contribution toward the prevention and control of malaria by identifying major risk factors. Antibiotics do not themselves alone control therapeutic efficacy. In this review, the strategies of targeted cancer therapy are discussed, with an emphasis on viral-based gene delivery and regulated gene expression. Embp is a giant fibronectin-binding protein harbouring 59 Found In Various Architectures (FIVAR) and 38 protein G-related albumin-binding (GA) domains.

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This strategy has the potential to deliver information about both genes and regulatory regions outside the transcribed regions. We analyzed a pooled data set of Youth Risk Behavior Surveys from 2005 and 2007 that included information on sexual orientation identity, sexual behaviors, and multiple STI risk factors. We earlier found that hormone replacement has a significant effect on venous distensibility, but effects of menopause and hormone replacement on venous contractility have never been studied.

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The role of surface energy in guanosine nucleotide alignment: an intriguing scenario. More Hispanic Americans planned to seek professional help if needed.

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Loss of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 2 (RDR2) function causes widespread and unexpected changes in the expression of transposons, genes, and 24-nt small RNAs. Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest is found at the end of this article.

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Studies on the origin of drug-resistant staphylococci in a mental hospital. Correct structure of repeating unit of group B Streptococcus type III capsular polysaccharide. Analysis of mutant alleles revealed that several components of the SAGA complex, including proteins from the Ada, Spt, and Taf classes were required for E1A-induced growth inhibition. coli RuvB and when bound to junction DNA is unable to provide a platform for stable binding of E. Motivate, Innovate, Celebrate: an innovative shared governance model through the establishment of continuous quality improvement (CQI) councils was implemented across the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).

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Different parameters have been used for the diagnosis of this complication, however, the statistical study has not used multivariable analysis techniques. Evaluation of preoperative Strepsils lozenges on incidence of postextubation cough and sore throat in smokers undergoing anesthesia with endotracheal intubation. The Raman Nanotags synthesized with 65 nm gold nanoparticles exhibit the largest surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) signal. In this paper, the output characteristics of a single element HIFU transducer have been investigated with the assistance of a six-axis modified industrial robot.

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Studies have shown that nicotine replacement therapy can be used safely in patients with known coronary artery disease. Emphasis is placed in this short review article on the mechanistic aspects of OH and one-electron oxidant-mediated formation of single and more complex damage (tandem lesions, intra- and interstrand cross-links, DNA-protein cross-links) in cellular DNA arising from one radical hit.

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The table includes geographical location of each study, the number of patients enrolled, progression free survival and overall survival statistics, post-treatment regimens and if molecular testing was conducted. We analyzed our data to evaluate the safety and feasibility of this surgery.

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More specifically, it will be shown that the core computation of any dynamical system can be computed on the FPAA at significantly less energy per operation than a digital implementation. Macroscopically, the tumor appeared as a well-outlined dark brown mass and was initially interpreted as a benign lesion on the mammograms. The authors reviewed the 47 citations to extract those that were published clinical trials.

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Surprisingly, the introduction of a cyclopentane unit in the bridging chain was able to induce an apparent two-by-two membrane association: this unusual behaviour might be the result of unsymmetrical interfacial properties of the lipid layer caused by the presence of the cyclopentane unit. Psychological outcomes following the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires.

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Erratum: Quark content of the nucleon in QCD: Perturbative and nonperturbative aspects However prospective randomized studies are necessary to provide data confirming the usefulness of time-lapse technique in IVF treatment.

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Results show that chronic treatment with cocaine in rats leads to selective severe lesions in different brain regions. LIN28 function is fundamental to the activity and behavior of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells.

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Bacterial biofilms on implanted suture material are a cause of surgical site infection. The determination of the structure of unsaturated fatty acids on a micro scale with the gas-liquid chromatogram. The caudal cervical and cranial thoracic segments of the spinal cord of the calf were asymmetric because of marked unilateral reduction of ventral gray matter and focal cavitation. To date, how matriptase-2 expression and activation are regulated remains poorly understood.

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Epidemiological evidence suggests that cardiovascular disease is associated with osteoporosis, independent of age. These findings can have important implications to oral vitamin D supplementation.

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Not only can these hair cell gradients be shown in adult tissues, but also the developmental up-regulation and down-regulation of genes and their associated spatio-temporal expression patterns can be demonstrated. borchii cDNA library and Southern blot analyses showed that only one copy of cdc42 is present in the T. In this review, we examine software packages for the statistical computing framework R, which enable the integration of pathway data for further bioinformatic analyses. Variable immune response against a developmentally regulated self-antigen. In general, we observed small increases and decreases in response magnitude to particular electrosensory stimuli.

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The latter is the gold standard support to maintain the ESCs in the pluripotent state. Binding occurs through a conserved C-terminal beta-hairpin structure that inserts into the Skp1-binding pocket on the cullin, and an N-terminal motif that covers the neddylation lysine. Acute graft rejection is an important clinical problem in renal transplantation and an adverse predictor for long-term graft survival.

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The present work extends the characterization of interactions between side-chains to the context of a collagen triple-helix. In subjects with higher ELS scores however, the rest-task interaction was altered and OXT showed no significant effect. Activity of the afferent fibers of the cardiac nerve of a teleost Our findings suggest a difference in the way tamarind is used between East and West Africa and we assess the similarities of its uses within those regions. Crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO) of gypsum measured by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD).

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This preliminary study on a tissue-mimicking phantom suggests that Nakagami imaging may have a potential use in enhancing the lesion-to-bubble ratio for monitoring high-intensity focused US. To identify the physiological concentration ranges of norepinephrine (NE), vasopressin (VP), and ATP in the rat liver. The main goal of this study was to examine how conversational discourse impairment following TBI predicts early outcome. 5C11 can inhibit proliferation of malignant B cells by inducing apoptosis or arresting the cells at G(2)/M interphase.

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Time variations, plasma density, and ion temperatures are also discussed. In the following discussion, a brief overview of the results of PET investigations in epilepsy is presented as background and comparative material for the concurrent and, more recently, dominant role of SPECT in evaluating patients with seizure activity. Patient disposition and therapy will likely change if clinical protocols and guidelines use the Gram stain rather than urine microscopy for preliminary diagnosis of UTI in infants.

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Rat experiments have shown that free radical oxidation processes are activated in the cerebral mitochondrial fraction in the dynamics of craniocerebral injury, which appears as accumulation of malonic dialdehyde and disturbed functional interaction of antiradical protection enzymes. They underwent routine chest computed tomography (CT) follow-up after thoracotomy, and when hilar or mediastinal lymph nodes showed enlargement on CT compared with the previous chest CT, they were referred for FDG-PET and EBUS-TBNA. Researchers within the social sciences are beginning to realize that genetics and the social environment interact synergistically to affect health behaviors and outcomes. Resveratrol reduced caspase-3 activation when given before the injury but not when given 3 h after the injury.

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The inhibition effect and mechanism of SY0916 on pulmonary fibrosis. Bile duct infarction following intraarterial hepatic chemotherapy mimicking multiple liver metastasis: report of a case and review of the literature. By using the metabolome of the relevant organism or close species, these methods capitalize on biological relevance, avoiding the assignment of artificial and non-physiological functions. Microcirculation parameters were recorded at baseline, at different time points during the surgery and the first 48 postoperative hours. The discovery presented here suggests that continuing reassortment led to the emergence of the A/Guangdong/1/2013 (H7N9) virus as a novel H7N9 virus in Guangdong, China, and that viral adaptation to avian and human hosts must be assessed.

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Available data suggest that chronic kidney disease of uncertain etiology is an environmentally acquired disease, but to date no definitive causal factor has been identified. Effect of tamoxifen on DNA synthesis and proliferation of human malignant glioma lines in vitro. An integration of schizophrenia with schizotypy: identification of schizotaxia and implications for research on treatment and prevention. Our aim was to investigate whether the early stage of diabetes alters the epithelium-dependent bronchial responses and whether nitric oxide (NO), KATP channels and cyclooxygenase (COX) pathways contribute in this effect.

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The present study is the first clinical trial showing that stenting the duct followed by bilateral pulmonary artery banding in newborns with HLH allows the combination of neoaortic reconstruction, which is part of first-stage palliation of HLH, with the establishment of a bidirectional cavopulmonary connection. Standards of care were based on the best available evidence and expert clinical knowledge and experience.

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Since the distal half of swine chromosome (SSC) 10q was shown to contain a quantitative trait locus (QTL) influencing swine growth, the precise correspondence between this chromosome region and the orthologous human chromosome region (HSA10p) was investigated using chromosomal fluorescence in situ hybridization and RH mapping of type I loci spanning the growth QTL. The role of deletions at the FRA3B/FHIT locus in carcinogenesis.

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The diagnosis of Asian influenza virus infection after recent immunization. In a new study, Coban and colleagues provide new clues on the involvement of the olfactory bulb during experimental cerebral malaria in mice that open the way to testable hypotheses and potentially earlier intervention in humans. Proliferation was assessed by bromodeoxyuridine-incorporation into DNA and apoptosis was measured by flow cytometry after propidium iodide or JC-1 staining. Foot lengthening using the Ilizarov device: the transverse tarsal joint resection versus osteotomy. After water loading, three quarters of the nonenuretic children were able to awake easily because of the need to urinate with a certain volume of urine in the bladder, and the one quarter who did not awake were able to hold more urine in their bladder in the sleep state.

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Angiosarcomas (AS) are uncommon endothelial malignancies, usually arising from sun-damaged skin in older adults. Neither transdermal E(2) alone nor transdermal E(2) plus progestogen modified the lipoprotein profile, the LDL resistance to oxidation, or the LDL particle size. Thermal calculations and convection analysis, constrained by seismic tomography results, suggest that a small-scale convective instability developed in the upper 200 kilometers of the mantle under California after the upwelling and cooling of asthenosphere into the slab window associated with the formation of the San Andreas transform boundary. Endoscopic sphincterotomy, stone extraction and plastic stent placement were performed for treatment.

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To compare the long-term outcomes of Billroth-I and Roux-en-Y reconstruction after distal gastrectomy. Antiphospholipid antibodies disrupt AnxA5 binding, thereby accelerating coagulation reactions. Over 140 million people live permanently at HA around the world. MTDH mediates estrogen-independent growth and tamoxifen resistance by down-regulating PTEN in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. The evidence suggests more caution should be used when treating men with low-risk disease and comorbid conditions as they are at risk for adverse events and additional medical costs, without a survival benefit.

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The implanted electrodes allow analysis of the action potential fluctuation during the postoperative period followed by the corresponding conclusions about the state of blood circulation in hollow organs. A novel endogenous inhibitor of phenoloxidase from Musca domestica has a cystine motif commonly found in snail and spider toxins.

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Immunolocalization studies reveal sAC is also abundantly expressed in other tissues which respond to bicarbonate or carbon dioxide levels suggesting it may function as a general bicarbonate/CO(2) sensor throughout the body. BNCT, which is a single-day treatment with mild side effects, should be assessed in a controlled trial, as an alternative to 30 daily fractions of conventional fractionated photon therapy over a period of 6 weeks.

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Molecular mechanisms underlying copper homeostasis in Mammalian cells. BMD was measured at total hip, femoral neck, lumbar spine and total body at baseline and 12 months together with serum levels of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, Crosslaps, total osteocalcin (N-mid OC), carboxylated (cOC) and under-carboxylated osteocalcin (ucOC). Biological agents for moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. alpha-Tocopherol supplementation decreases plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and P-selectin levels in type 2 diabetic patients. Twenty dogs with large, bleeding gastric varices underwent endoscopic hemostasis with rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, and cyanoacrylate injection.

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Although parents may have higher levels of trust in their physicians, our preliminary findings suggest that parents with severe mental illness may benefit from increased efforts to help them be more active and interested in information about their illnesses. A case report of descending thoracic aortic aneurysm associated with anterior spinal artery syndrome despite no marked ESP changes The aim of this cross-sectional study was to examine the prevalence of psychological dependence on benzodiazepines in outpatients with panic disorder and elucidate demographic and clinical characteristics associated with this condition.

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Acute Effect of High-Intensity Eccentric Exercise on Vascular Endothelial Function in Young Men. These results suggest that ethanol has long-lasting, biphasic effects on short-term and long-term memory for contextual and cued conditioning. The radii of the patellar groove and the posterior femoral condyles averaged 24 mm and 21 mm, and the average angle subtended by these arcs was 90 degrees and 140 degrees, respectively. We evaluated the effect of genetically determined ACE expression on the development of renovascular hypertension in the rat. Analysis of these factors can help to identify elderly persons with a high risk of falls, and thus focus appropriate preventive measures on these subjects.

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Based on these, we suggest that the temperate siphophages prevalent in the clinical strains of P. We review the central role of sensitization in this literature, including its definition, measurement, and expression in animals and human volunteers. Respiratory disorders and sleep disorders must be looked for: respiratory insufficiency, sleep-related breathing disorders such as sleep apnea, restless legs nortriptyline pamelor weight gain syndrome. Polymethylmethacrylate nanoparticles were prepared by free radical emulsion polymerization of methyl methacrylate in aqueous solution of carboplatin in the presence of surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate and thermal initiator ammonium persulfate.

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This is followed by a discussion of the main methodological aspects--basic concepts (particularly those related to structure, process and outcome), specific issues in mental health service evaluation, difficulties in the implementation of evaluation procedures and choice of indicators. penegra 25 mg uses A detailed NMR and molecular modeling study of T-kinin has been carried out in three diverse media: water (pH 4.0), DMSO-d(6) and HFA solution. Thus, the regulation of this cluster is achieved by interaction of two distinct control regions with each of the globin genes. Pressor and hormonal responses to intravenous injection of metoclopramide in normotensive and hypertensive patients.

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We examined the relation of self-reported cognitive problems to employment trajectory in patients diagnosed with rapiclav 625 mg tab bipolar I disorder. The 652 controls comprised 340 hospital visitors, 261 non-neoplasm hospital outpatients without long-term diet modifications and 51 women recruited from the community. We have evaluated the use of five highly polymorphic microsatellite markers for parentage verification in 14 breeds of cattle in the UK. The relative complexity of the immune repertoire expressed in autoreactive T cells expanded by positive selection and restimulated in the course of normal antigen-specific immune responses should be considerably greater than that of autoimmune T cells constrained by negative selection and a narrow window of escape from self-tolerance. Thus, a plausible scenario in which the three well-studied and iconic Ask homologs of Escherichia coli are not within the vertical genealogy of Gammaproteobacteria, but rather originated via LGT from a Bacteroidetes donor, is supported.

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Phosphorylation of NM clinacin 75mg tablets proteins was extensively reduced when an excess of the CK2-specific peptide substrate was included in the phosphorylation reaction as a competitor. TLR2 activation is essential to induce a Th1 shift in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells by plant stanols and plant sterols. Prenatal diagnosis of maternally inherited X-linked Opitz G/BBB syndrome by chromosomal microarray in a fetus with complex congenital heart disease. Computer simulation of the cardiovascular system in mechanical heart assistance

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Both groups similarly showed significant increase of the systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure mechanism of action of clopidogrel pdf to excel throughout the anesthetic course. Due to the inevitable artifacts caused by the transition from the fiber bundles to the sensor chip, image and texture analysis algorithms are severely handicapped.

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Leaching of nitrogen, phosphorus, TOC and COD from the biosolids of the municipal wastewater treatment plant of Thessaloniki. The discussion draws the implications of the finding that the combination of personality traits and existential concerns predicted the overall reminiscence frequency together with the intrapersonal functions of reminiscence. dorit levi ebay package Use of the ternary phase diagram of a mixed cationic/glucopyranoside surfactant system to predict mesostructured silica synthesis.

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This report is not an exhaustive presentation of all emerging and reemerging bacterial bad side effects of augmentin in children zoonoses. Cross-talk in the A1-ATPase from Methanosarcina mazei Go1 due to nucleotide binding.

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Differential distribution in, and release from, sympathetic nerve endings of endogenous noradrenaline and recently incorporated catecholamines. The initial symptoms, demographical features, risk factors, neurological examination, neuroradiological findings, and clinical follow-up data of 130 Turkish children seen between 2002 and 2013 were retrospectively analyzed. Restoration of superconducting properties of proton-implanted ceramic YBa2Cu3O7-x by annealing in oxygen. Position sensitivity of procytox 25 mg benadryl human muscle spindles: single afferent and population representations.