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Zepamax (Clonazepam)

Obstetrical and neonatal outcome following Zepamax use during pregnancy: a case series. Hematic radio-immunologic monitoring of Zepamax: clinical-pharmacological evaluations in a group of epileptic patients Isobolographic analysis was used to characterize the interactions between stiripentol (STP) and Zepamax (CZP), ethosuximide (ETS), phenobarbital (PB), and valproate (VPA) in suppressing pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced clonic seizures in mice.

Other names for this medication:
Clonazepam, Adnil, Almac, Cloam, Clon, Clonax, Clonix, Clonotril, Clotas, Cloze, Ection, Epcon, Epitril, Lonazep, Melzap, Nazee, Norep, Onapil, Ozepam, Petril, Repam, Rivotril, Zepam, Zepamax, Klonopin,

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Zepamax is used alone or in combination with other medications to control certain types of seizures. It is also used to relieve panic attacks (sudden, unexpected attacks of extreme fear and worry about these attacks). Zepamax is in a class of medications called benzodiazepines. It works by decreasing abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

zepamax side effects

Ciprofloxacin reduced the initial inoculum by 3--5 logs by 24 h. They were therefore used to divide the TNBC into four groups for assessment of relationships with TNBC imaging features. Changes in serum levels of HCV genotype 1b in the first 2 wk of interferon-alpha treatment, monitored by real-time quantitative PCR, can be used for prediction of the long term therapeutic response. The stimulation of elastin expression by retinoids may thus be closely related to the inhibition of cell proliferation. Radiant exposures greater than 19 J/cm2 produced a plasma, which decreased the efficiency of laser ablation.

zepamax side effects

Children in an anxiety state have difficulty in school because anxiety interferes with concentration, impairs memory and makes decisions difficult. Editorial: advances in the therapy of atrial fibrillation: incrementally progressive but not without missteps. The data presented herein supports a model in which Ni is transported from the roots to the shoots complexed with histidine and stored within the plant leaf dermal tissues complexed with malate, and other low molecular weight organic acids or counter-ions. Examination of boundaries between abnormal and normal development during adolescence offers important vantage points for articulating diversity in the developmental course during this period.

zepamax side effects

Kaplan-Meier survival estimations were performed and P values assessed with Log-rank test. This paper examines genetic and environmental contributions to risk of cannabis dependence. In human and animal studies, adolescence marks a period of increased vulnerability to the initiation and subsequent abuse of drugs.

zepamax side effects

Selection of three out of 24 anti-cancer agents in poorly-differentiated gastric cancer cell lines, evaluated by the AUC/delta IC50 ratio. This recommendation applies to adolescents, adults, and older adults in the general population who do not have an identified psychiatric disorder.

zepamax side effects

The results stress the importance of the levels of Notch signaling and ligand competition for Notch function. Oxidative stress was also determined in all groups after 10 weeks of resveratrol treatment. For the dispersion, three cases are considered: a first one in which the dispersion parameters are set to zero and two others in which they are included, with different parametrizations. An experiment has been carried out at the TESLA Test Facility linac to investigate the wake fields generated by picosecond electron bunches in narrow beam pipes with an artificially roughened inner surface. Clinical outcome was rated excellent in nine patients, good in 12, and fair in five.

zepamax side effects

Peripheral splenic arterial branches have very little collateral circulation. Is radiological shortening of the ramus a reliable guide to operative management of unilateral fractures of the mandibular condyle? The hemagglutinin (HA) protein of influenza virus binds to terminal sialic acid residues present on cell surface glycoproteins and glycolipids. Although substantial epidemiologic evidence links Streptococcus mutans to caries, the pathobiology of caries may involve more complex communities of bacterial species. The living arrangements of older persons play a key role in their use of formal and informal care, as well as in their health and well-being.

zepamax side effects

New insights into the evolutionary history of Plasmodium falciparum from mitochondrial genome sequence analyses of Indian isolates. To determine the relationship among level of peer interaction, group and solo practice, and MOCEX performance.

zepamax side effects

Over a 3-year period, all patients with positive fungal blood cultures and most wounds of patients with large burns considered to be a risk of yeast infection were selected and tested for their susceptibility to five antifungal agents, amphotericin B, ketoconazole, miconazole, diflucan, and 5-fluorocytosine. Valence-band splitting in ordered Ga0.5In0.5P studied by temperature-dependent photoluminescence polarization. Two viruses were isolated from ceratopogonid midges collected in northern Colorado. A fundamental question important to the understanding of the neurochemical organization of the central nervous system focuses on the relationships between the differential phenotypic expression of multiple neurotransmitter markers in individual neuronal populations and the factors that regulate their expression.

zepamax side effects

These findings indicate a dual role of VEGFs in the physiology and pathophysiology of the retina and suggest that microvascular VEGFR-2 and -3 signaling by VEGFs occurs late in the pathogenesis of DR, possibly initiated by high levels of VEGF-A in established nonproliferative DR. Different patterns of upper limb involvement exist in CP and some have a significant impact on function and cause cosmetic concerns that should not be underestimated, particularly in older children.

zepamax side effects

Our results indicate that increased platelet aggregation may play an important role in developing cerebral infarction, especially in those who had onset of illness in the morning. Recreational pool water probably served as a vehicle for disease transmission in the community.

zepamax side effects

The practical aspects involved the definition of diagnostic features, documentation of personnel knowledge and digitization, definition and establishment of interfaces between the appointment calendar and the RIS and definition of access privileges. Association rule analysis for the assessment of the risk of coronary heart events. One of the neurochemical systems that plays a pivotal role in different aspects of addiction is the endogenous opioid system (EOS).

zepamax side effects

Some other genes, such as SPINK1 or CFTR, have been associated with familial idiopathic chronic pancreatitis. The first episode encompassed cells from preleptotene through early pachytene primary spermatocytes and was evident as intense intracellular labeling of the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi complex. Recently, psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid, a bulk-forming laxative, has been added to breakfast cereals for cholesterol-lowering effects. Rapid diagnosis of the alpha-thalassemia-1 Southeast Asian type deletion using a single tube real-time SYBR-polymerase chain reaction combined with dissociation curve analysis.

zepamax side effects

In liquid culture cells lysed, and no colonies were formed on solid media. Their role has led to interest in oncological implications to improve treatment results.

zepamax side effects

The vertical and transverse diameters of induration or erythema were measured following 24 h for 38000 protein and 48 h for PPD, respectively. This study was to compare the effects of calligraphy handwriting with those of progressive muscle relaxation and imagery training in Chinese Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma patients.

zepamax side effects

Similar to malignant cells, both innate and adaptive immune cells undergo a metabolic reprogramming that is required for effector functions, de facto underlying the elicitation of a robust immune response. RNA-directed histone and/or DNA modification is a conserved mechanism for the establishment of epigenetic marks from yeasts and plants to mammals. The group I allergen of Cynodon dactylon, Cyn d I, was found to consist of four to 10 isoforms. Two large virulence loci encoding type III secretion systems are present on the chromosome of Salmonella typhimurium. Convex hull based neuro-retinal optic cup ellipse optimization in glaucoma diagnosis.

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zepamax side effects

This was why the routine use of ultrasound surveillance is not recommended recently.In this review we show huge differences in the definition of stenosis significance among the trials and other probable factors, which may have caused the contradiction of the results. The results showed that the concentration of Pro-Ala peaked in Casein, FM, CGM groups at 2 h after feeding, whereas the highest level was measured at 6 h after feeding in SBM group. These low-velocity layers are probably the rupture planes on which earthquakes occur. Here, we review the current neurophysiological and neuroimaging evidence and find that the available data support a different conclusion: adult visual experience introduces moderate, relatively distributed effects that modulate a pre-existing, rich and flexible set of neural object representations.

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A more natural and aesthetic result is obtained with an oblique incision running parallel to the pectoralis major muscle fibers. Racial disparities in survival after trauma are well described for patients younger than 65 years. Simultaneous determination of terbinafine (Lamisil) and five metabolites in human plasma and urine by high-performance liquid chromatography using on-line solid-phase extraction. After ECT, delayed recall was disturbed, whereas after MST, it was not. The natural host species are not known and classification is based on ultrastructural analysis.

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To investigate the effects of these two different hemodynamic pathways in a series of cerebral aneurysms with known rupture sites. Incubation experiments were conducted with As(III/V)-bearing ferrihydrite in carbonate-buffered artificial groundwater enriched with lactate (10 mM) and sulfate (0.08-10 mM) and inoculated with Desulfovibrio vulgaris (ATCC 7757, formerly D. First, the RRMD-III instrument is described in detail and its results summarized. LncRNAs regulated by BRG1 were identified through microarray in BRG1 gain- and loss-of-function vascular smooth muscle cells. When BHK21 hamster cells were abortively infected with Ad12, increases in cellular DNA methylation were not seen.

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Although pulse and electromyography showed no significant change, further inquiries should be made based on other types of methodology. Data from January 1997 to December 2002 to January 2003 to December 2006 were compared. We report the crystal structure of the complex formed between the N-terminal domain of the Escherichia coli gyrase A subunit and simocyclinone D8, revealing two binding pockets that separately accommodate the aminocoumarin and polyketide moieties of the antibiotic. Blood plasma protein at 4 weeks after these operations was pooled for the ovx and sham group each and separated on SDS-PAGE, and then digested by peptides, which were first differentially displayed by ESI-Q-TOF-MS analysis. Starches extracted from mutant leaves and endosperm have structures indistinguishable from starches of wild-type controls as determined by size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) of intact starch and high-performance SEC of debranched starch.

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This is a retrospective analysis of a prospective database of patients with solid pancreatic masses referred for EUS-FNA between December 2011 and December 2013. HPV vaccination of men who have sex with men (MSM) prior to the commencement of sexual activity would have the maximum impact on preventing HPV and anal cancer in this population. A combination of genetic studies, in vivo imaging and new techniques for misexpressing genes or blocking their function promises to reveal the molecules and principles that govern wiring of the vertebrate nervous system. Our results suggest a specific structural organization of sperm DNA with its matrix. Long-standing bacteremia and endocarditis caused by Staphylococcus lugdunensis in a patient with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator.

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In-house analysis over time is also essential for reagent survey. In 1997, Mountain and Dresler published a new map, which is now favored by the American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society. Computational identification and experimental validation of PPRE motifs in NHE1 and MnSOD genes of human.

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The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the indirect immunofluorescent (IF) and the counter current immunoelectrophoresis (CEP) were evaluated in detection of anti-Trichinella antibodies in experimentally infected rats. The inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also affects haemostasis, and the combination of these drugs with prophylaxis against postoperative thrombosis with heparin is controversial. MAO-A inhibition profiles of some benzophenone glucosides from Gentiana verna subsp.

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The ubiquitously expressed CHD3 and CHD4 proteins are essential for stem cell function and serve to orchestrate gene expression in different developmental settings. Intracardiac echocardiographic imaging of right atrial appendage: mass vs. Therefore emphasis on innovation is continually increasing the quality of the ultrasound systems. Both effects seem to be calcium dependent and possibly mediated by cGMP.

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While array-based comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) has become a powerful technique for the detection of unbalanced chromosome abnormalities, including marker chromosomes, multiplex fluorescence in situ hybridization (M-FISH) using 24 color painting probes remains as a complementary method for the detection of small marker chromosomes with unknown chromosome origin, especially when the marker is presented in a mosaic form. Induction of IGFBP-3 in MCF-7 cells inhibited cell proliferation whereas presence of small interfering RNA against IGFBP-3 abolished cell inhibitory effect of IGFBP-3, suggesting that the observed growth inhibition is specific. Severe acute pancreatitis - managing complications using a combination of minimally invasive approaches The amino acid sequence of the first 27 amino acid residues from the N-terminal end is given. This problem has not been adequately discussed in the literature concerning multivariate linear analysis of brain imaging data.

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With the heart exposure, this activation comes through marked changes in microcirculatory bed, whereas in the adrenal exposure it is trophic defects that are induced in the myocardium. Despite the remarkable somatic developmental plasticity characterizing post-embryonic development in plants, use of the classic concept of stem cells has been imported from the animal literature with the goal of facilitating our understanding and description of plant developmental processes. Multivariate methods in meta-analysis are becoming popular and more accepted in biomedical research despite computational issues in some of the techniques. Despite significant advances in the treatment of depression, many patients fail to respond to treatment with adequate dose and duration. All this bears witness to the validity of employment of the developed model, after appropriate identification, in the investigation and prediction of radiation effects on skin epidermal epithelium in humans.

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These patients underwent loupe-assisted subinguinal varicocelectomy with simultaneous testicular biopsy. A comparative study of immunological reactivity of healthy volunteers and cancer patients with different stages of the disease was carried out.

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The treatment of the psychoneuroses and minor mental illness: psychiatric services in general hospitals. We propose a low-cost and low-power automatic measurement system called Multi-point Linear Array of Optical Sensors (MLAOS), which consists of three above-canopy and nine below-canopy optical sensors that capture plant transmittance at different times of the day. Ab initio molecular-orbital calculation for C70 and seven isomers of C80. Yoga breathing exercises can improve pulmonary function in patients with DMD. Of these, 86 had ACL reconstruction (ACLR) performed early or delayed, 25 were treated with rehabilitation alone.

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Human prothymosin alpha inhibits division of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells, while its mutant lacking nuclear localization signal does not. Multifractal characterization of the autonomous nervous system during prolonged coronary artery occlusion. In Experiment 2, after several sessions of practice, subjects were able to circumvent automatic attentional capture by an abrupt-onset peripheral cue and to volitionally redirect the focus of attention.

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Normal loading strains of 200-2000 (mu)epsilon to bone result in bending forces, generating mechanical stretch and pressure gradients in canaliculi that drive extracellular fluid flow, resulting in stress on the membranes of osteocytes, lining cells, and osteoblasts. A simple and effective apparatus for extracorporeal dialysis, the so-called artificial kidney It was found by immunoblotting analysis that even the reconstituted microfilament-like filaments, which had been purified by affinity chromatography with heavy meromyosin subfragment 1 (S1)-conjugated Sepharose, contained vimentin and glia fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) besides actin, inferring the interaction between microfilament and glia filament.

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By showing spatiotemporal correlated movement of clathrin-coated structures with microtubule filaments from various layers of live cells, we demonstrate that cortical microtubules are important spatial regulators of clathrin-coated structures. Carbonate compensation depth: relation to carbonate solubility in ocean waters. The HPA Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention (ACMP) UK Traveller guidelines recommend doxycycline, mefloquine, or combination atovaquone plus proguanil for prophylaxis in travellers to P.

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The pharmacogenetic approach decreases the risk of bleeding and the episodes of hypocoagulation. Postoperatively the mean (SD) patient controlled morphine consumption was 1.36 (1.90) mg per hour in the first 36 hours compared with the unit mean for open thoracotomy of 1.73 (1.68) mg per hour. This article illustrates how incomplete our knowledge of this condition and its management within the critical care setting is and reinforces previous calls for suitably designed trials to evaluate and develop guidelines for existing strategies and therapeutic agents. dally, a Drosophila glypican, is expressed in the female GSC niche cells and is responsible for maintaining the GSC niche.

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All, including Tabun, Sarin, Soman, and VX, are organophosphates that inactivate acetylcholinesterase. Rats were subjected to UUO or sham operation in the first 48 hours of life, and the obstruction was removed five days later (or was left in place). Adverse effect of abdominal operations on production of interferon-gamma.

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Tetravalency and magnetic phase diagram in the heavy-fermion superconductor UPd2Al3. Recent developments in the pathogenesis of hemolytic uremic syndrome. Further work includes the development of an image-guided alignment method and validation with in vivo experiments. It is proposed that the association of such proteins with damaged sites in DNA can compromise protein function and/or DNA repair resulting in increased toxicity.

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Our results were satisfactory, permitting essentially normal daily activity in all but two patients. Phylogenetic analyses showed that Nicotiana SAMTs and BSMTs evolved in separate clades and the latter can be differentiated into the BSMT1 and the newly established BSMT2 branch. Several animal and human studies have recently documented that ventricular interdependence plays an important role during positive-pressure breathing, causing acute cor pulmonale. This mental processing of information may, however, be missing when the data are recorded fully automatically--without active involvement on the part of the anaesthetist.

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Multipoint linkage analysis by the location score method resulted in a maximum multipoint lod score of 10.30. Alternative strategies to AAV gene transfer in muscle cells must then be addressed for patients. We begin by reviewing the salient features of light damage, recently joined by evidence for retinal remodeling which has implications for the prognosis of recovery of function in retinal degenerations.

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Irritable bowel syndrome is a biopsychosocial disorder characterized by dysregulation of intestinal motor, sensory, and central nervous system functions. ABR was partly restored, compared with ABR after the injury of the excitotoxicity. All subjects received oral hygiene instruction, scaling and root planing and clinically monitored for 3 months.

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Colonic and anal manometry patterns are easily recognized when HRM data are expressed as PTP. We outline new avenues not only to study specific mechanisms by which connexins exert these functions but also to selectively investigate well-defined coupling compartments among glial networks.

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Algorithms and methods for correlating experimental results with annotation databases. A strategy for the synthesis of the lycopodium alkaloid dihydrolycolucine (1) has been investigated.

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Other responses of the hybrids included an increase in lignin content, a decrease in relative proportions of d-glucose, and an increase in proportions of d-xylose. The present study investigated the adoption of new prescription drugs by specialists who treat serious disorders using relatively high risk drugs with potentially serious side effects.

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clonazepam and weight gain 2013-06-02

Although little is known about the mechanisms that account for the distinctive features of clavaseptin for pregnancy dogs neurotransmitter release, it can be assumed that neuron-specific proteins are involved. Similarly, median segmental pancreas allograft survival times after 1700-2200 cGy of TLI treatment (16.5 days) were only marginally longer than those of untreated controls (9 days). Targeted point mutations of p53 lead to dominant-negative inhibition of wild-type p53 function. Sedimentation in sucrose gradients, sedimentation constants, and electron micrographs confirm the physical resemblance of fruit ribosomes to those from other living tissues. The resulting models provide a new empirical representation of the formation and distribution of sERPs from underlying composite iERPs.

10 pastillas de clonazepam dosage 2012-05-12

Of these, 391 had no complications during pregnancy, delivery, or the early postpartum period. Adjustment for age and smoking in logistic regression revealed significantly more eye complaints for all workers that were highly exposed. The baboon syndrome is a form of systemic contact dermatitis with skin eruptions clavucid solutab 500/125 white pill in the area of the buttocks and major flexures. Heated sausage and hot smoked fish were largely lipase-free, raw sausages contained up to 283 micrograms/kg lipases. coli and the protective function of the PM2 protein was assayed both in vivo and in vitro.

shy molecule clonazepam liquid form 2017-09-05

Caregivers were selected by convenient sampling and were randomly assigned to two groups of study and control. Compared with NRC recommendations, some dog milk samples had concentrations of total protein, linoleic acid, calcium, or phosphorus less than the recommended allowance. Overexpression of the astrocyte glutamate transporter GLT1 exacerbates phrenic motor neuron degeneration, diaphragm compromise, and forelimb motor dysfunction following cervical contusion spinal cord injury. A 72-year-old gentleman presented with a firm and tender mass involving flutamide and enzalutamide generic the right epididymis. Effects of the addition of albumin on specific and nonspecific inhibition of streptolysin O by human serum

clobazam and clonazepam interaction with xarelto 2017-04-28

Western blot analysis revealed that both the ERKs and p38 MAPK are activated after hCG treatment. Surgical technique, advantages and complications will also be discussed. First, because this mechanism interferes only with adaptation, this suggests that tACS can be targeted at subsets of neurons (by adapting them), even when the applied currents biso lich 5mg zentiva vitamin spread widely throughout the brain.

3 mg clonazepam erowid vaults 2012-07-15

Selection and biological evaluation of potential PDE4 and PDE5 inhibitors. Marked deposition of reticulin, collagenic fiber (types, I, IV) and laminin ceff kid tablet cases (LN) were consistently present mostly around lesioned and necrotic myofibers associated with an intense inflammatory reaction, whereas strong immunolabelling for TIII-C, TIV-C and FN was often associated with regenerated fibers. For expression profiling studies, RNA-seq is now a competitive technology, but RNA-seq results may differ from those obtained by microarray. These novel approaches offer the hope of liberating patients from a death sentence and providing clinicians with effective weapons in the fight against a dreaded neurologic complication of systemic cancer.

clonazepam dose reduction of metformin 2013-04-22

Basically the flow was stable but it was divided into periods of variable duration by full or partial closure of urethral sphincter. Participants comprised 17 male UHR subjects and 10 male healthy controls, who received baseline DTI scans before clinical follow-up. Visual outcomes plaunac olmesartan generic and growth factor changes of two dosages of intravitreal bevacizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration: a randomized, controlled trial.

prospecto clonazepam 2mg for sleep 2014-12-30

All item-reduction SASs were not significantly different from the full battery SASs. Among all the parameters measured, the most important differences that can influence the amniotic fluid microviscosity are the presence of very high levels of lysophosphatidylcholine both in early and late gestation in rabbit (much higher than in woman) and the cholesterol to total phospholipid ratio which decreased with gestational age in woman but remained stable in rabbit. Culture of ST-derived inflammatory cells from 92 of 111 patients with RA resulted in spontaneous reconstruction of inflammatory tissue in vitro within 4 weeks. Controlling the structure of colloidal nanocrystals (NCs) is key to the generation of their complex functionality. interaksi obat spironolakton pfizer Evaluation of two classifications systems for pelvic prolapse on dynamic MRI

me clonazepam vs clonazepam for sleep 2015-03-19

This method permits the atom-economic synthesis of valuable branched N(2) - and N(1) -allylated benzotriazole derivatives and allows for preliminary studies of their reactivity. Plasma 17-hydroxycorticosteroids tomar venex forte wheels in hyperfunction, suppression, and deficiency of adrenal cortical function.